Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza Boardwalk – 2000 steps above water

Forest-bathing, immersing in nature and enjoying the beneficial effects wandering among plants is an increasingly popular recreational program. On this educational trail, our proverbial batteries are recharged through the plants along the shore of the lake.

The 1500-metre-long boardwalk provides a glimpse of the flora and fauna of Lake Tisza. The boardwalk can be reached by scheduled boats leaving from “Fűzfa” (Willow) Harbour in Poroszló. Along the promenade, visitors can explore the previously inaccessible, pristine areas along the lake, consisting of mats, reeds, floodplain forests and water plant communities. Bird-watching spots, an observation tower, as well as visual and textual information along the way also helps in learning more about the wildlife.

Further information:

Fűzfa Harbour and Recreation Park (Poroszló)

Address: 3388 Poroszló, Kossuth Lajos út 81.

Phone: +36 (36) 553-008



Lake Tisza Ecocentre

A walk among sturgeons and belugas, or even taking part in the feeding of otters? It’s all possible!

The Lake Tisza Ecocentre in Poroszló is a visitor centre primarily devoted to presenting the indigenous animals of the region. It is an exciting tourist destination that shows visitors the natural treasures of Lake Tisza, the second largest lake of Hungary, as well as the rich wildlife of the entire Tisza River Valley, in an entertaining, modern, interactive way. The chief attraction of the Lake Tisza Ecocentre is Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium system, with a total volume of nearly 1 million litres, which offers a truly special natural experience by presenting the underwater wonders of the region. 

Further information:

Address: 3388 Poroszló, Kossuth Lajos út 41

Phone: +36 36 553 033, 


Bicycling at Lake Tisza

Bicycling around Lake Tisza is a special way to experience nature, since the terrain is totally flat, and even if riding at a comfortable speed, there is a lot to see in just a day or two. 

The bicycle path runs on the embankment around the lake, which means that riders can enjoy the large water surface throughout the journey. For families, choosing the small circle involving approximately 4 hours of comfortable cycling is recommended, which means not going fully around the lake, but cutting across on route 33 between Poroszló and Tiszafüred. The large circle is 67 km long and can be done in approximately 8 hours. It is also worth checking into the Bicycle Centre at Lake Tisza, where one can rent bicycles and find everything that may be necessary for the bicycle tour.

The “fish staircase” at Kisköre

From an ecological point of view, the “fish staircase” at Kisköre is of key importance, as it provides a continuous water supply between Lake Tisza and the Tisza River. The canal is 1.5 km long. It is worth visiting it by bicycle or on foot.

Kisköre Hydroelectric Power Plant

Building the Kisköre Hydroelectric Power Plant in the valley of Tisza and the related irrigation system was a further significant step in the complex utilization of flowing water.

The barrage is composed of three aggregated main engineering structures: dam, ship lock, power house and flood bed weir as well as other connecting facilities. The three main engineering structures were built in the flood bed, in a common work trench protected with a ring levee.

The four pipe turbines with horizontal shafts built in the power house created a novel solution first applied in Hungary. In contrast to the vertical shaft position used in low-head hydroelectric power plants, the specific reduction of construction dimensions and reaching a better efficiency were an advantage.

Preparation works for the construction of the barrage started already in 1967. This included the construction of a ring levee for the flood protection located in the flood bed. The hydroelectric engineering structures were completed in 1973, while the technological equipment were installed and commissioned by 1974.

Sarud – Adventure Village

The purpose of the Adventure Village is to preserve the values and traditions of rural life, to protect nature, and to provide visitors with experiences that are always fun to remember.

Go to the beach, jump on trampolines or climb a wall the AdventureBeach, ride “Hucul” horses, rent a sail boat, a bicycle or other sports equipment, discover nature!

Further information:

Phone: +36 (30) 377-2255


The Mayfly Boardwalk

This pathway can be reached, after purchasing a ticket, by way of a short boat ride from the Szabics Harbour of Tiszaörvény. It is open to the public all year round. The 2000-metre-long educational path shows the life of the Tisza mayfly (Palingenia longicauda), its stages of development, as well as the wildlife of Lake Tisza. The bird-watching towers and the inner lake, which is also the furthest point of the walk, as well as the fishing boats of Göbe are all popular attractions.

More information and things to do:

Szabics Harbour and Leisure Beach – Tiszafüred-Örvény

GPS: 47.60453 20.71153

Phone: +36 (30) 954 8620


Lake Tisza Educational Path – Marshman’s Educational Path at Örvény

More information and things to do:

Szabics Harbour and Leisure Beach – Tiszafüred-Örvény

GPS: 47.60453 20.71153

Phone: +36 (30) 954 -8620



The educational path offers further, unique wonders of the floodplain forest to its visitors, and also contributes to preserving knowledge on an almost forgotten trade and lifestyle. On this educational path, visitors can learn about the life and work of marshmen. Why were they thought to know everything about the marshlands? Where does their Hungarian name, “pákász” come from? How can you catch fish without nets? Visitors can find the answers to these any many other interesting questions by walking along the length of the educational path.

Doll Museum – Abádszalók

The largest part of the collection consists of dolls dressed in a variety of folk costumes. As a result of the work of Józsefné Steigauf, researcher and maker of dolls, small-scale replicas of characteristic folk attires from the entire Carpathian Basin, as well as 60 more countries around the world, can be seen on the dolls of 56 cm size in three rooms of this specialized museum.

Further information:

Address: 5241 Abádszalók, István király út 41

Phone: +36 (59) 355-383, +36 (20) 669-4474

Józsefné Steigauf


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Tourinform Tiszafüred (

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